Tribal Histories Project


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Apsáalooke

Chapter 3: Historic Apsáalooke Culture

Chapter 4: Early Reservation

Chapter 5: Present-day Life


Lesson Plans

Birds and People X X
Bird Cards X X
Card Game X X X
Conservation X X X
Crow Fair WebQuest X X X
Elders X X
Family Chart X X
Far Out X X X X X
Flag X X
Foods X
Government X X
Grandma Parade X X X X
Kinship Card Game X
Language Tree X X
Manners X X
Math X X
Migration X X
Place Name Cards X X
Place Names X X
Plant Cards X X
Plants X X
Poetry X X X
Rock Art X X
Sign Language X X X
Smallpox X X
Speeches X X X
Stars X X
Stars Puzzle X X
Stick Land Management X X X
Tepee Sun Time X X X X
Timeline Hunt X X X
Warrior Jump Rope X X

Project directed by Hubert B. Two Leggins. Compiled and edited by: Phenocia Bauerle, Cindy Bell, Luella Brien, Carrie McCleary and Timothy McCleary.