By Luella Brien

The birth of an Apsáalooke child is seen as a blessing. Many families believe their wealth is measured in their grandchildren. Apsáalooke do not believe in naming their child or buying baby items such as clothes, diapers and other supplies until the baby is born. Family members see to it that the parents are taken care of after the baby is born; bringing all the supplies they need to get started. The culture dictates that preemptive gathering of necessities brings bad luck. Following that belief Apsáalooke don’t hold baby showers for their children until after they are born. Generally, the family members, in-laws, or close friends hold the shower. During pregnancy Apsáalooke women do not cut their hair. Cutting of the hair is seen as an act of mourning. Pregnant Apsáalooke women do not mourn, because Apsáalooke believe the act of mourning may bring on the lose of the unborn child. After a baby is born and given its legal name many Apsáalooke parents decide who will give the baby their Apsáalooke name.

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