Crow Fair Webquest

Subject: Computer Science/Geography

Grade: 4-12

Topic: Crow Fair

Content: After searching the web for Crow Fair information students will be better informed of the festivities and be prepared to make a trip to Apsáalooke Country!

Goals: Students will be able to relate details of Crow Fair while accessing .org, .com, and .net web sites. Students will need to perform research from several search engines to compile the information required.


Technology Standard 1: Students demonstrate an understanding of the basic operations of technologies.

Technology Standard 5: Students develop the skills, knowledge and abilities to apply a variety of technologies to conduct research, manage information, and solve problems.

Technology Standard 6: Students apply technological abilities and knowledge to construct new personal understanding.

Library Media Standard 1: Students understand the inquiry process including how to access, evaluate and use information.

Library Media Standard 4: Students distinguish among, evaluate and appropriately use current and emerging media and technologies in the inquiry process.

Essential Understanding 1: There is great diversity among the 12 tribal Nations of Montana in their languages, cultures, histories and governments. Each Nation has a distinct and unique cultural heritage that contributes to modern Montana.

Essential Understanding 3: The ideologies of Native traditional beliefs and spirituality persist into modern day life as tribal cultures, traditions, and languages are still practiced by many American Indian people and are incorporated into how tribes govern and manage their affairs.

Objectives: After completing this activity students will have additional experience conducting research on the internet.

Materials: online access and copies of the scavenger hunt listed below.

Introduction: Students will read the list of “hunt” items and proceed in their web endeavor. The material collected will give them the opportunity to learn more about the premiere summer event in Apsáalooke Country—Crow Fair. After accessing the information students will have all of the travel tools needed to plan a trip to Crow Fair.

Development: This activity will fulfill two educational objectives, learning about a celebration of another culture, and practice in accessing information on the world wide web.

Practice: Students will search in Google, Yahoo, and MSN engines to gather the information about Crow Fair listed in the handout for this lesson plan.

Checking for Understanding/Evaluation: Students will turn in completed handouts. Points will be awarded based on completeness and detail.

Crow Fair Web Hunt

Students, please access the world wide web and collect the following information. Answer each question in as full detail as possible. Enjoy your trip to Crow Fair!

Teacher Details

Search engines used include:

Sites to gather information include: