Bird Cards

Subject: Science/social studies

Grade: 4-12

Topic: Science

Content: Students will learn about Apsáalooke bird names and identify them.

Goals: Students will be able to identify at least three birds identified by the Apsáalooke people. Students will observe the names of the birds relate to the birds activity or characteristics.


Science Standard 3: Students, through the inquiry process, demonstrate knowledge of characteristics, structures and function of living things, the process and diversity of life, and how living organisms interact with each other and their environment.

Science Standard 5: Students, through the inquiry process, understand how scientific knowledge and technological developments impact communities, cultures and societies.

Science Standard 6: Students understand historical developments in science and technology.

Essential Understanding 1: There is great diversity among the 12 tribal Nations of Montana in their languages, cultures, histories and governments. Each Nation has a distinct and unique cultural heritage that contributes to modern Montana.

Essential Understanding 3: The ideologies of Native traditional beliefs and spirituality persist into modern day life as tribal cultures, traditions, and languages are still practiced by many American Indian people and are incorporated into how tribes govern and manage their affairs. Additionally, each tribe has its own oral histories, which are as valid as written histories. These histories pre-date the “discovery” of North America.

Objectives: Students will learn the Apsáalooke were earth scientists who learned from their environment how each bird looked and moved, and lived.


Bird Cards [PDF]

Lesson plan, bird cards, and teachers may want to share complete bird list with students.

Introduction: The teacher will share the bird cards with students and observe how the Apsáalooke names the birds around them. Then students and teachers can practice matching the birds English name cards to the Apsáalooke name card.

Development: Students will learn about the diverse ways in which language is used across Montana.

Practice: Students will make their own set of bird cards from the additional birds listed.

Checking for Understanding/Evaluation: Students will identify three birds and their Apsáalooke names.

Closure: Students will present their Apsáalooke bird name cards.