Subject: Social Studies/Language Arts

Grade: 9-12

Topic: Social Studies/Language Arts

Content: Students will read and re-write speeches made by various Apsáalooke at different times.

Goals: Students will gain a better understanding of the complexity of the Apsáalooke voice and language.


Objectives: After completing this lesson students will have re-written an Apsáalooke speech included here and in the text book.

Materials: Lesson plan, copies of Apsáalooke speeches from lesson plan or from Apsáalooke text book.

Introduction: Instructors and teachers will read and discuss the Apsáalooke speeches. What surprises students about what these men had to say? What did they expect? What types of speech making techniques were utilized that are still utilized in speech writing today? After discussion students will select a speech to re-write in their own words. Teachers may ask students to include a reaction paragraph to the material.

Development: This lesson plan will give students some experience with American Indian oral literature.

Practice: Students will discuss the materials with their teacher and other students, then re-write one or more speeches inn their own words

Checking for Understanding/Evaluation: Students will turn in speeches as they interpreted them.

Closure: Students will revisit discussion questions with teachers and classmates, has their opinion changed? What new appreciations, if any, do they have for the Apsáalooke?