Library And Archives Committee

Charge: Advise and recommend as to Library and Archives mission, policy and programs to improve and maintain the services of the library/archives in support of the academic program and the community information needs. Provide advice and counsel on library/archives related issues.

Recommend library and archives General Fund budget to President and President’s council. Make reports/recommendations to Library Director, the Faculty and Academic councils, President, and Board of Trustees as appropriate.

The committee is responsible for recommending the allocation of the General Fund library budget for library materials. Specific purchase decisions will be the responsibility of the Library Director.

Meetings: Four times per year, or as needed.

Membership: Voting members: three faculty members, one from each of the departments and the research writing instructor; one student; the IT department head; Dean of Academic Affairs, and a representative of the staff council.

Ex Officio Members: Library Director, Assistant Librarian, Archivist, one rotating member of library/archives staff and other faculty or employees of LBHC as interested.

Length of term: One year, renewable.

Appointed By: Faculty members appointed by Department Heads; student and employee members appointed by Chair of Library Committee

Chair: elected by Library Committee; Length of term as chair: one year, renewable

Secretary: elected by Library Committee; Length of term: one year,

Quorum: one half the current voting membership.