Timeline Hunt

Subject: Social Studies/Computers

Grade: 4-6

Topic: Apsáalooke timeline

Content: Students will look at the timeline of Apsáalooke events, then look for other events in history that day.

Goals: Students will gain perspective time spectrums.


Technology Content Standard 5: Students develop the skills, knowledge and abilities to apply a variety of technologies to conduct research, manage information, and solve problems.

Social Studies Content Standard 4: Students demonstrate an understanding of the effects of time, continuity, and change on historical and future perspectives and relationships.

Objectives: After completing this lesson students will have a better understanding of world events in a time continuum across the globe.


Timeline Hunt Handout [PDF]

Lesson plan, time line, access to internet or library.

Introduction: Teachers will take a look at the timeline with students. Then students will look on the web for events with matching dates. Later the class will share what they found.

Development: Students will practice searching the world wide web, and see the passage of time in a new way.

Practice: Students will look over the Apsáalooke timeline, then search on the internet for events with corresponding time frames. Students will then create a timeline utilizing both sets of information. Later students will share the information they have found with one another.

Checking for Understanding/Evaluation: Students will turn in their timeline sheets.

Closure: Students will discuss the timelines they have compiled.