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Eloise Whitebear Pease Collection Inventory

Production of this inventory funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities

Donor Name
Eloise Whitebear Pease
P.O. Box 293, Lodge Grass, Montana 59050
Accession Number
Processing Start
Magdalene Medicine Horse
Collection Title
Eloise Whitebear Pease Collection
Access/Restrictions On Use
None, open to public use. Donor will have access to the collection and may receive free copies of any materials at expense of archives.
Terms Governing Use and Reproduction
All publication rights are held by Eloise Pease. Use for publication must be approved by donor.
Preferred Citation of Materials
Eloise Whitebear Pease Collection, Little Big Horn College Archives

Physical Description

Linear feet
43 feet
Comprehensive dates
1824 - 1990
Materials included
41 boxes of manuscript and printed material
Organization of materials
the collection consists of original manuscript materials (i.e. Eloise Pease notes), pamphlets, maps, court cases, microfilm, studies, and newspaper/periodical articles. There are 30 series.
  1. Addresses and Mailing Lists, Censuses
  2. Coal Reports I
  3. Coal Reports II
  4. Crow Tribal Finances
  5. Crow Tribal Government, Constitution, etc.
  6. Crow Tribal Programs
  7. Economic Development
  8. Health, Education, and Welfare
  9. History and Culture - Crow
  10. Indian Affairs, General
  11. Industrial Development
  12. Land
  13. Law and Order
  14. Lawsuits or Pending Cases
  15. Maps
  16. Minerals - Coal
  17. Minerals (Others)-Oil, Gas and Coal
  18. Natural Resources
  19. Planning Studies I
  20. Planning Studies II
  21. Recreation Plans and Development
  22. Resolutions and Minutes-Crow Council-1953-1985
  23. Resolutions and Minutes-Crow Council-1978, 1987-1989
  24. Statute of Limitation Cases and Contracts
  25. Synfuel Program #1/CERT
  26. Synfuel Program #2/CERT (part one)
  27. Synfuel Program #2/CERT (part two)
  28. Water and Irrigation
  29. Yellowtail Dam #1
  30. Yellowtail Dam #2

Biographical/Historical Note

Eloise Whitebear Pease was born on September 1, 1917. She is one-half Crow, one-fourth Welsh, and one-fourth Scottish/Irish. She attended schools in Crow Agency and Hardin, Montana; Compton, California; Denver, Colorado; Eastern Montana College in Billings, and Little Big Horn College in Crow Agency where she received her Associate of Arts degree in 1990.

Her employment from 1935 to 1987 consisted of being a secretary, bookkeeper, historian, program developer, teacher, librarian, program director, researcher, and consultant. Some of her affiliations with tribal committees helped her to become more knowledgeable in all aspects of tribal government.

She has had material published in “Absaraka” (of which she was editor) in 1968 and 1969, the economic development report in 1970 and its 10 year update, the 1976 county bicentennial history “Grass, Tepees, and Black Gold” (co-editor), and she authored a booklet on the 107th Meridian land issue.


Eloise Whitebear Pease collected information on tribal politics, economics, and history which covers the years from 1824 to 1990. Her strong interest in working with the tribal government since 1956 has proven her dedication to her work. in that year, she became involved in the Yellowtail Dam controversy as secretary of the Mountain Crow Club. in 1963, she was declared a tribal historian by the tribal council. This gave her more incentive to continue collecting tribal papers, particularly on the politics and economic status of the Crow tribe. She is a valuable resource and consultant for the Crow tribe as well as an active individual with interest in all aspects of tribal history. Her influence with both outside researchers/scholars and tribal officials has helped her work with the Crow Tribe and she has retained much information of value to the tribe over the years which no one else has kept. Her involvement with the Tribe has been extensive, particularly her service as program director and secretary for many an organization, which has made her aware of the importance and impact of tribal government.

The documents that she collected were stored in her home and shed. Mr. Tim Bernardis helped her organize her collection and brought it to the Little Big Horn College Archives on June 11, 1987.

Scope and Content Note

The Whitebear Pease collection represents a variety of information on tribal politics, economics, and government. the material in the collection ranges from 1824 to 1990, with the bulk falling from 1956 to the present.

In her collection are included the following topics and types of material: tribal council minutes and resolutions, information on tribal minerals, material from planning committees including studies, legal cases and lawsuits still pending, law and order, health, education, and welfare of the tribe, Crow history and culture, tribal program records, maps of the reservation, natural resources, studies conducted on the Crow reservation, economic impact of various developments, land information, recreational development and its potential, newspaper clippings of tribal news, tribal rights by law, and Indian rights and laws that affect the Tribe itself.

It is important to note that Eloise herself created the series arrangement by topic.

Series 1: Addresses & Mailing Lists; Censuses

This series contains material from the Crow census of 1910 with a few pages missing. There is also the census of 1953 and a mailing list from different years on Crow people in general. in addition, there is the entire enrollment ordinance of the Crow Tribe, a few pages from the 1887 Crow Census, plus the 1960 population report.

  1. Crow Census-1910 (p. 68 missing)
  2. Crow Census-1953
  3. Mailing List-different years-Crow
  4. Enrollment Ordinance-Crow Tribe & related matters
  5. Crow Census-1887 (a few pages)
  6. U.S. Census of Population 1960, Montana

Series 2: Coal Reports I

This series is a collection of reports on Crow coal on the reservation. It includes all the leases made with the coal companies, drafts of environmental impact statements made by the companies and the Crow Tribe, and the federal government report on the Yellowstone Basin project.

  1. Draft, 8/17/1976, Crow Ceded Area Coal Lease Tracts II and III, Westmoreland Resources, V. 1
  2. Draft Environmental Statement, Proposed 20 Year Plan of Mining and Reclamation, Westmoreland Resources Tract III
  3. Final Environmental Statement, Proposed 20 Year Plan of Mining and Reclamation, Westmoreland Resources Tract III
  4. Draft Programmatic Environmental Statement, Jan. 16, 1975, Projected Coal Development Crow Indian Reservation
  5. Report, Yellowstone Basin and Adjacent Coal Area, Vol. 7
  6. Report, Yellowstone Basin and Adjacent Coal Area, Vol. 6a, 1977
  7. Report, Yellowstone Basin and Adjacent Coal Area, Vol. 6, 1977
  8. Report, Yellowstone Basin and Adjacent Coal Area, Vol. 5, 1978
  9. Report, Yellowstone Basin and Adjacent Coal Area, Vol. 4, 1978
  10. Report, Yellowstone Basin and Adjacent Coal Area, Vol. 2, 1978 (2 copies)
  11. Report, Yellowstone Basin and Adjacent Coal Area, Vol. 3, 1978

Series 3: Coal Reports II

The reports made on Crow coal in this series are from the designated directors. They include the Young’s Creek Coal Mine Plane in 1974, the statements of quantification and coal analysis of the Crow tribe, the Big Horn Canyon Recreation Project, the geology report from Shell Oil Company and environmental impact statement material.

  1. Board of Directors meeting 1981, CERT
  2. Young’s Creek Coal Mine Plan, 1974
  3. Circular A-102 (Revised), 1/1981
  4. Pre-Planning Studies for Young’s Creek Area, V. II, Part A
  5. Statement of Quantifications and Cost Analysis for Services to the Crow Nation
  6. Wehrman Consultants Associated, Inc.
  7. Big Horn Canyon
  8. Agreement, Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc.
  9. Socioeconomic Impact Assessment, a Methodology Applied to Synthetic Fuels, 1978
  10. Comments on Environmental Impact Statement for Crow/Shell Coal Lease, 1981
  11. The Em-Kayan Magazine of “M-K”, August 1975
  12. Final Environmental Impact Statement, Rosebud Mine
  13. Report, Energy Impact Assistance
  14. CERT, Funding Proposal and Five Year Operational Plan
  15. Geology of the Shell Crow Coal Lease
  16. Mined Land Rehabilitation Procedures for the Proposed Young’s Creek Mine
  17. Environmental Assessment for the Proposed Young’s Creek Mine, V. 1
  18. Environmental Impact Statement Form
  19. Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement-Crow/Shell Coal Lease, 1981
  20. Pre-Planning Studies of the Young’s Creek Area, V. 2, Part B
  21. Pre-Planning Studies of the Young’s Creek Area, V. 2, Part A

Series 4: Crow Tribe Finances

This series contains material about how the Crow Tribe used its money to keep the government functioning from the Yellowtail Dam case in 1964 to the (alleged) theft of Crow Tribal funds by a travel agency in 1977. Included is the amount of money placed in trust funds for tribal use, material on work incentives for the people of the Crow Nation, letters and appeals, and notices that were mailed out.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Crows win $2,575,000 in Yellowtail Dam Case 4/04/1964
  2. Regarding Crow Judgment Funds, Directive on removal of Committee members and replacement 10/18/1962
  3. Request for Funds-Richard Real Bird Testimony presented to Subcommittee on Interior Appropriations 3/17/1987
  4. Crow Tribal Budget as of 12/31/1983
  5. Crow Tribal C-123 Financial reports October through June 1982
  6. Letter regarding invention 1/25/1982, news clipping “Absalokaa News” 1/23/1982
  7. Receipts for copy material-various
  8. Work Incentive Program April 1974
  9. Economic Analysis of Crow Indian Reservation 1982 (approximate date)
  10. Crow Council 7/11/1981 (not recognized by Bureau of Indian Affairs)
  11. Crow Tribe’s Abandoned Mines Reclamation Plan 1st contract 8/24/1979
  12. Mail Directive 1/28/1982
  13. Crow Tribe Industrial Development Commission-Administrative Management Plan, 1/28/1982
  14. Draft of Excellent Letter Regarding Finances of Crow Tribe 1/23/1989
  15. Notice of Appeal-Clara Nomee to Norris M. Cole, Area Director 11/23/1988, and Copy of Bureau of Indian Affairs & Crow Tribe’s Agreement of 11/16/1988
  16. State of Montana vs. the United States and Crow Tribe, 1980
  17. Clara Nomee vs. Richard Real Bird, 8/26/1988
  18. Clara Nomee vs. Richard Real Bird, 6/10/1988
  19. Westmoreland Severance Tax for Quarter Ending 6/30/1988
  20. Letters-Requesting Debt Waiver, Crow Tribal Officials to Bureau of Indian Affairs, 12/18/1987
  21. Letter-Response to Request-for Debt Waiver, Bureau of Indian Affairs to Crow Tribe, 4/20/1988
  22. Crow Act of 6/01/1944 regarding Loan Fund
  23. Crow Trust Funds Proceeds of Labor 6/30/1983
  24. Crow Trust Funds Proceeds of Labor 5/31/1983
  25. Crow Trust Funds Proceeds of Labor 4/1983
  26. Crow Trust Funds Summary 3/31/1983
  27. Crow Trust Funds Summary 2/28/1983
  28. Crow Trust Funds Summary 1/31/1983
  29. Crow Trust Funds Summary 11/30/1982
  30. Summary Crow Trust Fund 10/31/1982
  31. “Rip Offs”-Crow Tribe -Travel Agency 8/31/1977 and 9/16/1977
  32. Income Estimate-Crow Tribe Fiscal Year 1989
  33. Income Sources-Crow Tribe-Fiscal Year 1989
  34. Letter from Secretary of Interior Regarding Adopting a Budget for 1981, 10/07/1989

Series 5: Crow Tribal Government; Constitution, etc.

This series covers all aspects of tribal government, from the proposed plan of operations of the Executive Committee to council Meetings and the protest of meetings with signed petitions. Also included is a Crow Claims funds report along with tribal budgets. in addition, there are some old resolutions with Bureau of Indian Affairs guidelines on the constitution and by-laws of the Crow Tribe.

  1. Proposed plan of Operations for Crow Executive Committee (tabled) 7/8/1978
  2. Solicitor’s Opinion regarding validity of Crow Council meeting of 1/27/1973
  3. Crow Constitutional Amendment Resolution #221, 7/2/1959
  4. Executive Order of Crow Tribe 11/20/1986
  5. Utility Tax Hearing Notices (various dates)
  6. Area Director Whitesell’s letter, 10/05/1984
  7. Chairman Stewart’s letter to Whitesell and other tribal officials, 8/30/1987
  8. Memorandum of agreement signed by all Crow tribal officials regarding finances 7/2/1982
  9. Regarding validity of Crow Council-7/11/1981
  10. Crow Tribe vs. State of Montana regarding Severance Tax 7/13/1981
  11. Regarding Taxation-cars, Crow reservation
  12. Jicarilla Apache Tax Case 1/25/1982
  13. Protest on Council Call 8/24/1958
  14. Crow Tribal Budget, Fiscal Year 1986
  15. Bureau of Indian Affairs guidelines regarding drafting constitutions 1981
  16. Constitutions-Crow
  17. Constitution Councils 6/11/1948 and 6/14/1948
  18. Bureau of Indian Affairs-Crow Tribe (various)
  19. Constitution-1948 & amendments
  20. Opinions & letters-Solicitor’s office
  21. Crow Tribal Tax Code-proposed 1987
  22. Opinions-Bureau of Indian Affairs Request for Crow Tribe
  23. Plan of Operations - Resolution 203 and Amendments
  24. Miscellaneous Crow Government matters
  25. Crow Claims Funds-Report, 4/7/1973
  26. Budget-Crow Tribe 1983
  27. Budget-Crow Tribe 1975
  28. Miscellaneous letters, petitions of Crow Tribal Members
  29. Crow Tribal Council matters 1988
  30. Old Council Resolutions-various subjects
  31. Elections Ordinances-various
  32. Proposed Constitutions-not adopted-Crow Tribe
  33. Crow Tribal Council 1/13/90
  34. Copies of Resolutions proposed, Council of 4/9/1983
  35. Crow Tribal Council-1/14/1978

Series 6: Crow Tribal Programs

This series consists of material from Crow Tribal programs and their many projects. the newspaper Absaraka was published from 1968 to 1969 along with other activities undertaken by the Crow Tribe in the treaty centennial year of 1968. Also included are many campaign speeches made by Crow candidates, railroad resolutions by the tribe, statistics on the number of Crows who would work in the labor force, and information on jurisdictional responsibility and on the termination of tribal officials.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Absaraka-1968 March
  2. Absaraka-1969 December
  3. Absaraka-1969 January
  4. Crow Travel
  5. Absaraka-Crow Tribal Treaty Centennial Issue-1868-1968
  6. Special Crow Council-12/30/1988
  7. Enrollment Resolution 80-01, 10/13/1979
  8. Campaign Data for 1988 Election Crow Tribal Officials
  9. Crow Tribal Officials Election 1988
  10. Letter from Superintendent Moran to Credit Committee, 9/24/1987
  11. Proposed Contract-Crow Tribal & Centennial Association 7/17/1987
  12. Senator Melcher regarding Nuclear Weapon, 7/13/1977
  13. Council Resolution Regarding Railroad, 1/1987
  14. Recommendations Regarding Problem Areas that Concern Crow Tribal Rights, 10/20/1986
  15. Crow Tribal Newsletter, 10/10/1986 and 1/01/1987
  16. Crow Tribal Index of Resolutions, 3/1953-10/1972
  17. Index of Crow Tribal Resolutions, 1953-1972
  18. Sheridan, Wyoming Press copies of articles
  19. Interest Table ($1.00 @ 4%) 1958
  20. Crow Council Minutes 8/27/1921, with Commissioner of Indian Affairs Charles H. Burke
  21. Town of Lodge Grass-Jurisdictional, etc.
  22. Crow Constitution Proposal Rosenfelt Opinion
  23. Termination of Tribal Officials
  24. Labor Force-Crow Tribe-1980
  25. Job Preference-Crows-Opinion
  26. Gilbert T. Glenn regarding Food Stamps, Speech (1974 ) and other Data
  27. Akbar Fund Inc.-grant-1976
  28. Data on 1976 Crow Tribal Election

Series 7: Economic Development

This series contains material on the economic development of the Crow Tribe in the 1960s and 1970s, particularly the planning undertaken under an Economic Development Administration planning grant and the reports made by Eloise, who was the director of the grant program. the focus was on developing a better economy for the Crow Tribe.

  1. Economic Development Administration Planning Grant-Crow Tribe, 1976-1977
  2. Economic Development Handbook
  3. Toward Economic Development for Native American Communities, submitted to the Joint Economic Committee, v. 1 & 2, 1969
  4. Crow Industrial Development Stationary
  5. Programs-Edison Real Bird Administration
  6. The Crow Tribe of Indians of Montana, Annual Overall Economic Development Program Progress Report, 1967
  7. Annual Overall Economic Development Program Progress Report, 1971
  8. Indian Reservation Planners Handbook
  9. Planning District Guidelines, Department of Commerce/Economic Development Administration/Crow
  10. Progress Reports, Economic Development Administration District-Crow Tribe
  11. Reports from Economic Development Administration, Department of Commerce on Planning, etc.
  12. Economic Development Administration Planning Reports

Series 8: Health, Education, Welfare

This series contains information on the education of the Crow Tribe from 1882 to 1989, including a list of boarding schools and reports from the Agent/Superintendent. Also here is a report on housing by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and information on the first Health Board that was begun in 1956.

  1. First Life Insurance Offer to Crow Tribe 8/29/1957
  2. Sending Crow Students away to school, 1882
  3. Catholic Schools, American Missionary Association, regarding church schools, various dates 1886-1887, 1896-1895
  4. Indian Education Speech, Robert Bennett Commissioner, 9/16/1967
  5. Bilingual Education for American Indians, 1971
  6. Lodge Grass High School News Sheet, 3/5/1975
  7. Reports of Indian Agents, School Reports, Crow Tribe-1898-1896
  8. Crow Students Funded by Bureau of Indian Affairs-1985-1989
  9. List of Crow Graduates Funded by Bureau of Indian Affairs
  10. National Education Association
  11. Montana Institute of the Arts-1954
  12. United States Public Health information Miscellaneous
  13. Education-Crow Reservation, Historical & Later
  14. Regarding Housing and Urban Development-housing -Eloise Pease & John Melcher Letters 5/21/72-5/24/72
  15. Bond School Data
  16. Health Committee-1st for Crow Tribe, minutes, 4/14/1956
  17. Indian Education-1970
  18. Little Big Horn College-Life Magazine article
  19. School Lunch Law-1970
  20. Education Committee-resignation of member
  21. Rehabilitation Research & Demonstration Grant Programs, October 1968

Series 9: History & Culture - Crow

This series consists of information on Crow history and culture. Some of the more significant items include Custer stories, Crow business council information, old tribal council minutes and first edition publications of Robert H. Lowie.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Custer story-Brave Bear statement retold by Robert Yellowtail
  2. George Hogan’s work for Montana Works Progress Administration Writer’s Project, 1941-1942
  3. 1st Crow Indian Fair-1907, the Yellowstone Monthly, December 1907 and Crow Fair Expenses of 1912
  4. Crow Stories collected by Eloise Pease
  5. Maps and other data used in writing booklet Grass, Teepees, and Black Gold 1976
  6. Data used to develop book, “Grass, Teepees, and Black Gold” 1976
  7. Robert H. Lowie-Crow Language Text
  8. Regarding Custer Battlefield Preservation Committee 6/29/1987
  9. Crow Indian Agents-list 1874-1900
  10. 1920 Act-Crow-Copy & 1940 Amendment to same
  11. Historical Data Compiled for Crow Claims Case by Dr. M. Burlingame of Montana State University (Emeritus)
  12. Various Crow Acts-4/1982, 9/1982, 11/1886, 6/1888, 2/1889, 3/1891, 1892
  13. Frank Shively (Crow) story regarding name Origin of Nez Perce
  14. Buildings Repairs-Education-Schools-1910
  15. Buildings on Crow Reservation-correspondence regarding, 2-1909
  16. Max Big Man-Beaver Dance & Adoption
  17. Agent Armstrong and Clerk Barstow letters 1882-1883
  18. Agent Armstrong letter, August 15, 1882, regarding Crow farmers
  19. Crow business council regarding Cree Indians 1913
  20. Business Council-Crow Tribe-1921
  21. Old Council Minutes 2/16/1944
  22. Crow Council Minutes 3/14/1944
  23. Crow Council Minutes 4/7/1944
  24. Crow Council Minutes 4/20/1944
  25. Crow Council Minutes 5/13/1944
  26. Crow Council Minutes 5/16/1944
  27. Crow Council Minutes 6/6/1944
  28. Crow Council Minutes 11/1/1944
  29. Crow Council Minutes 6/15/1945
  30. Crow Council Minutes 10/12/1945
  31. Crow Council Minutes 1/23/1946
  32. Crow Council Minutes 8/27/1946
  33. Crow Council Minutes 10/9/1946
  34. Crow Council Minutes 12/13/1946
  35. Crow Council Minutes 1/11/1954
  36. Crow Council Minutes 3/24/1956
  37. Crow Council Minutes 7/14/1956
  38. Crow Health Committee
  39. Crow History, Joe Medicine Crow (3 copies)
  40. Crow Records-Seattle Archives Preliminary Inventory
  41. Log Building, across at Crow Agency-1954
  42. Treaty of 1825-Crow
  43. Ledger from Pease store & Post Office
  44. Regarding 1920 Act-Robert Yellowtail vs. Senator Walsh, 1919
  45. Early Christian Regional Development Crow Reservation
  46. Crow Tribal Conditions-1883-Commissioner’s Report
  47. Plenty Coos-Chief of Crows
  48. Robert Yellowtail picture/newspaper
  49. Ben Pease letter regarding selling hay and other products to Bureau of Indian Affairs etc.-1925
  50. Housekeeping Needs
  51. Sun Dance-Verne Dusenberry, 1959
  52. Treaties & Acts of Congress, 1920 Act, etc.
  53. Sun Dance-Crow-by Lowie
  54. Treaty 1851-regarding validity, 5/11/1958
  55. P. Nabokov Map regarding Two Leggins life story locations
  56. Indian Religion vs. Dusenberry, 1959
  57. Kappler and Merillat hired by Crow 1909
  58. History Data-from Statute of Limitations cases
  59. Signed Articles regarding Crow & General History
  60. Crow Indians, 1953-House of Representatives report 2503, 82:2
  61. Family Structure-Indian vs. Dusenberry
  62. Foundation of North American Indian Culture 1963
  63. Native American Church-on National Conference 6/6/1957; also other Data regarding “peyote”
  64. Native American Church Annual Convention at Lodge Grass, 1957
  65. Works Progress Administration-Writers Workshop-Crow Stories
  66. Pease Family History-brief
  67. Flashes-Bureau of Indian Affairs News Sheet
  68. Anthropological Papers/Lowie, Minor Ceremonies of the Crow Indians
  69. Peyote-various Data
  70. Chester Medicine Crow’s letter regarding Yellowtail Dam 1958
  71. Missionary Burgess-Congregational
  72. Missionaries & Church-Crow Reservation-Various Data
  73. Crow Chieftains and Coup Record
  74. Congressional Record, J. F. O’Connor’s speech 1937
  75. Senate Report #283-3/7/1884, Dawes report on Crows
  76. Hearing-Crows Proposed move-Stillwater to Little Horn 8/7/1883
  77. Crow Council 7/19/1881
  78. Garden Seed for Crows, 2/22/1923
  79. Crow Brand Book (pages from)
  80. Lowie, Crow Sun Dance
  81. 1st Trip Through Big Horn Canyon, Ed Gillette 1891
  82. Military Scouts 9/9/1939
  83. Treaties, Memorandums, and Letters, regarding Indians West of Mississippi and About Crow Indians 1/1894 -1/1871
  84. Correspondence-Old, Historical regarding Crow Tribe & Crow People
  85. Copies of “Indians at Work,” 1/4/1944
  86. Father De Smet’s Visit to Crow Tribe & entire Trip account, 11/1/1842
  87. Early Railroad Passes for Crow Indians
  88. Width of Railroad for Big Horn Southern, Letters to George Pease, etc.
  89. Early Housing for Crows

Series 10: Indian Affairs/General

The series contains information on Indian affairs in general including the following: task force information, Bureau of Indian Affairs streamlining of work in the office, conferences in Washington D.C. concerning national tribal affairs, claims, Indian rights, termination of Montana Indians, Governors Interstate Council (formed in 1952), federal assistance to Crow Tribe, Robert Yellowtail letters, a water task force on the Navajo Reservation, and Fort Belknap and Blackfeet tribal information.

  1. Task Force Report on Bureau of Indian Affairs
  2. B.I.A. suggestions to streamline Agency work, 3/12/1943
  3. National Tribal Governments conference in Washington D.C., 5/6-7/1981
  4. Miss Indian America XXII Kiowa-Otoe
  5. NCAI (National Congress of American Indians) News, 2/6/1982
  6. Indian Affairs-Speech-Robert Yellowtail
  7. Indian Claims Commission data, 1956
  8. Manual - Indian rights affairs-1975
  9. American Indian Fund and News sheet, Association on American Indian Affairs
  10. Information on Termination of Montana Indians from minutes of Flathead Reservation, 1953
  11. Governors Interstate Indian council 1952
  12. National Congress of American Indians, 12th Annual convention-1955 and other year’s data and their preamble
  13. Papers given to Eloise Pease by Robert Yellowtail, various subjects
  14. Revenue Sharing Guidelines, 1981
  15. Federal Register 11/4/1975 p. 1, P.L. 93-638
  16. Klamath Tribe-Termination 8/13/1954
  17. Subcommittee on Indian Affairs 1972
  18. Forrest Gerrard-National Tribal Chairmen’s Association, 1/8/1979 Speech regarding 93rd Congress
  19. American Indians-Answers & reading list
  20. Prominent Indians of 20th Century
  21. Termination -83rd Congress Lee Metcalf
  22. Navajo Water-news clippings
  23. Presidential Task Force, 1978
  24. The Indian Historian, volume #1, 12/1967
  25. The Fort Belknap Reservation Area
  26. Blackfeet tribe
  27. Clyde W. Hobbs, papers

Series 11: Industrial Development

This series contains information on the Crow Tribe and its industrial development. the Lodge Grass District has employment in the Guild Arts and Crafts developed by the Catholic Church. the city also has a Women’s Club that still functions today. There are small businesses on the reservation run by individual tribal members. the tribe helped build a feed mill, a park in Crow Agency, and a motel called the “Sun Lodge.”

  1. Guild Arts and Crafts Building at Lodge Grass, 9/17/1969
  2. Lodge Grass Women’s Club 1964
  3. Data on Operating Various Small Business establishments
  4. Industrial Development - Crow Feed Mill (Crow Industries)
  5. Powers of Industrial Development Committee and Resolution, 1966
  6. Industrial Park-Crow Agency
  7. Industrial Development Sun Lodge-Crow Tribe
  8. Tipi Smoke
  9. Urban Business Profile
  10. Rural Lines, December 1957

Series 12: Land

This series contains information on how the Crow Tribe has managed its tribal lands. Also included are documents relating to the Treaty of 1851, amendments to the sale of Crow lands, leases made with white people, information on the location of Crow boundaries such as the arguments over the 107th Meridian, material on different kinds of land zones and who is using them, and documents on the first land surveys on the Reservation.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Crow Land Purchase Program-Plan of Operations
  2. Timber Sales 9/23/1988
  3. Indian Resource Development Act, 1967
  4. Treaty of 1851-Documents
  5. Land Foreclosure-Dillon/J. Whiteman, Sheriff’s Sale, 11/17/1978
  6. Proposed Court Action on Section II, 4/9/1958
  7. Land Sale Moratorium-Lifting Same, 3/26/1982
  8. Proposed Land Consolidation Bill, 6/10/1976
  9. Report on & Minutes of meeting in Washington D.C. on Section II
  10. Section II of 1920 Act-Hearings, 10/18-19/1957
  11. Lease Regulations Amending 131.15 Title 25 10/3/1963
  12. Amendment to Section Ii of 1920 Allotment Act, 6/8/1940
  13. Presidential Proclamation on Crow Lands, 10/15/1892
  14. Land Operations-1969
  15. Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Department 1968
  16. Livestock in Crow Country, a History
  17. Indian Land Consolidation Act, 1/2/1983
  18. Proposed Sale of Land in Pryor Area, 6/1/1913
  19. Crow Council Action Regarding Allotment Act, 1919
  20. Commission Agreement with Crows, on Hatchitt Allotments, 9/4/1892
  21. Crow Act of 2/19/1926, Allotments
  22. Act on Crow Adoptions, 3/3/1931; Act on Custer Battlefield, 4/15/1930
  23. Crow Act of April 27th, 1904 on Ceded Area
  24. 107th Meridian Data, 1968 to Present
  25. Indian Lands Program-1975, Indian Finance Act
  26. Right of Way Documents Listed-Crow Reservation, 1980
  27. Memorandum on 107th Meridian, 1983
  28. Bureau of Indian Affairs Rights Protection Office-requests, 12/23/1981
  29. 107th Meridian Data, 1968 and earlier
  30. 107th Meridian Booklet & Maps
  31. Custer Battlefield Road Right of Way, 1937
  32. Bureau of Land Management-Information & Data
  33. Energy Resource Development & Indian Lands-Conference, 1978
  34. Crow Tribal Allotments
  35. Southern Boundary Crow Reservation
  36. Drought Needs & Data, 1977
  37. T.A.P. Report regarding Purchase of Little Horn Ranch, 1968
  38. Competent Leasing & Land Conference Notes
  39. Land Sale Advertisement, 1979
  40. Crow Land Purchase Program
  41. Collier Letter-Range Unit Information 1933 & 1937
  42. Competent Lease Report, 1973
  43. Congressional Record on Land, 1963
  44. Early Allotments-Crow
  45. Sale of Crow Land, 1879
  46. Crow Resolution on fences on Reservation 1975
  47. First Land Surveys, 1890
  48. List of Lessees on Crow Lands, 1970
  49. Land Leasing, Solicitor’s Opinion, 1962
  50. Land Sales-Restricted-1933
  51. Crow Land Owners Association
  52. Land Restoration Data
  53. Zoning and Land Use Planning-Crow Reservation

Series 13: Law & Order

The law and order enforcement in post-settlement tribal history goes back to 1883. the materials in this series cover a wide span of time from problems with law in the late 1800s to letters from Bert Kronmiller (Tribal Attorney) in 1951. in 1885, troops were sent to protect the Crow Tribe. in 1978, there were petitions made out to help the tribe develop a law and order code. There are also the regulations of court procedures, the Law and Order Code used today, as well as P.L. 280 on state jurisdiction.

  1. Bert Kronmiller Letter - Jurisdiction, 1951 & other data regarding automobile tax exempt
  2. Law & Order Problems-Historical, 1880s
  3. Agent Requests Troops to Protect Crow Indians 1885
  4. Indian Law Reporter 3/1974, 6/1974
  5. Rough Drafts of Petitions on Law & Order 1978
  6. Regulations on Courts of Indian Offenses, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Interior, 25 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), ch. 1, 4/1/1986
  7. Montana Law Week-4/13/85, p. 4-La Fountaine default
  8. Crow Law & Order Expenses, 7/1/1959 to 7/1/1960
  9. Crow Law & Order Code, 1976
  10. Revised Law & Order Ordinances of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe of the Northern Cheyenne Reservation Montana
  11. Law & Order Code-Criticism of-1975
  12. Law & Order-Resolution 1975, 1977
  13. Crow Tribe Codes, Law & Order Commission
  14. U.S. Code Title 25-Indians
  15. Laws-Crow-Missouri River Basin Investigation
  16. Public Law 280-State Jurisdiction

Series 14: Lawsuits or Pending Cases

This series contains material pertaining to court cases that are either pending or where a decision has been reached by the judge. Its also includes cases from the Crow Coal Tax by the State of Montana to the Crow Tribe vs. the United States in 1990. Many of the cases were over tribal rights in regard to such areas as minerals, railroads, and even fishing.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Crow Tax-Court Cases, etc.
  2. Phoebe Dillon vs. Antler Land Company 4/14/1972
  3. Crow Tribe vs. United States of America vs. State of Montana vs. Westmoreland Resources, Inc., 9/19/1988
  4. Indian Voices (various issues) 1964, regarding court cases
  5. Ella Barnes vs. Crow Tribe, 1963
  6. Left Hand vs. Crow Council, Chairman & Executive Committee 3/29/1971
  7. Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad case, 1969
  8. Burlington Northern Railroad vs. Crow Tribe Request for Declaratory Judgment, etc. 3/4/1986
  9. Montana vs. the United States, et. al-Crow-Big Horn River Decision, 3/24/1984
  10. Attorney’s Report, 1/24/1982 Fredericks & Pelcyger
  11. The United States vs. Phillip Beaumont, Sr. Grand Jury Charges, 4/5/1978
  12. Tribal Attorney-Jean Bearcrane, Reports & Crow Tribe’s answer, 1987
  13. Squire vs. Capoeman, 4/23/1956
  14. Oliphant Case 3/6/1978
  15. Pat Stands Appeals Canan’s Decision to Bureau of Indian Affairs Indian Court of Appeals, 11/22/1976
  16. Pat Stands Appeal 3/27/1978
  17. Pat Stands Complaint 7/28/1977
  18. Crow Act of 8/31/1937 Removal of Hardin from Reservation; Joint Resolution Regarding Crow Claim, 8/15/1935
  19. Bob Kelly sues Montana State and Big Horn County, 12/11/1985
  20. Supreme Court-1969 City of Sheridan vs. the United States regarding Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad, discontinuance of passenger trains
  21. Crow Tribe vs. the United States, Hodel, Swimmer, Whitesell, Wyman Babby, Superintendent, 1987
  22. Crow Tribe vs. the United States-Settlement, 1980
  23. McClanahan vs. Arizona State Tax Commission, 3/27/1973
  24. Big Horn River-Case & Data, 1981 and other dates
  25. Richard Real Bird vs. Clara Nomee, 1/10/1990
  26. Kimball vs. State Game Commission of Oregon, 1974
  27. Cady, Friends of the Earth vs. Morton, 1975 U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals regarding Crow Coal and Environmental Impact Statement
  28. Davis vs. Morton, 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1972, on Environmental Impact Statement, on Coal Strip Mining
  29. Redding vs. Morton, 1974, complaint on Coal Strip Mining
  30. Redding vs. Morton, 1974
  31. Redding vs. Morton, Motion to Deny Summary Injunction, 1974
  32. Case Against Chairman Donald Steward, Sr., on Resolution 85-32, 4/13/1985
  33. Santa Clara Pueblo vs. Martinez on Enrollment
  34. Talton vs. Mayes, 5/18/1896, on Tribal Jurisdiction
  35. Cady vs. Morton & Friends of the Earth, regarding Environmental Impact Statement in Ceded Area Coal Lands, 1975
  36. R. Bailey vs. Northern Cheyenne Tribe, 1973 on Tribal Voting Rights
  37. Kleppe decision on Crow Coal, 1977
  38. Davis vs. Morton, 1972, on Environmental Impact
  39. Finch Case, (fishing), 1976
  40. Winters Cases on Water, 1908
  41. Crow Claim Case, 1960
  42. Taunah vs. Internal Revenue Service on Income Tax from Trust Land or Royalties from same
  43. Crow Tribe vs. Cecil Andrus, suit on coal leases
  44. 107th Meridian Area Values, 1979
  45. 107th Meridian Committee Proposal 12/10/85
  46. Condemnation Case #1825-U.S. vs. Crow Lands for Yellowtail Dam
  47. Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroad - passenger service discontinued, Crow Tribe objects
  48. State of Montana vs. Crow Tribe & U.S. of America, in Supreme Court, 10/1980
  49. Microfilm-Crow Claims Case

Series 15: Maps

This collection consists of a variety of maps from the Hardin Unit’s ownership to the Yale Oil Pipeline Survey. There is also material on the National Resource lands in Pryor, Montana, the public lands in the Beartooth Mountains, and treaty area lands in Montana and Wyoming. Additionally, there are topographic maps, photographic maps, Yellowstone valley maps, and finally maps of the pipeline done by the Husky Company.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Hardin Unit Ownership Map, Crow Indian Reservation, January 1949 2-12-Y13 (REGARDING MISSOURI RIVER BASIN)
  2. National Resource Lands in Montana, Pryor 36
  3. Public Lands in Montana, Beartooth 35
  4. Crow Indian Reservation Montana/Wyoming as Established by Treaty of September 17, 1851
  5. Topographic-Map Sheets
  6. Photograph of Relief Map of Crow Reservation
  7. Maps-Pryor Mountain Area & Bureau of Land Management Area
  8. Map-Custer National Forest (Ashland Division)
  9. Topographic Quadrangle-Maps
  10. Yellowstone Valley Electric Cooperative Map
  11. Yellowstone Valley Cooperative Crow Reservation Map
  12. Husky Pipe Line
  13. Billings-Yellowtail - 230 KV Map Montana Power Company
  14. Yale Oil Pipeline-Map

Series 16: Minerals-Coal

This series contains material on Crow coal and all concerns of the Crow tribe in regard to coal. the companies of Westmoreland and Shell are involved in developing Crow coal resources. Coal related resolutions that have been considered and/or voted on by the Tribal Council are presented in this series.

Also included is the agreement on the tracts of land mined on the Crow Reservation, the guidelines for purchase or coal, maps of who has ownership of the land that is being mined, the impact statement of a committee which conducted a study of coal and its values to the reservation, and information on the harassment of mineral lessees concerning Crow Coal.

  1. Crow information sheets-office of coal research
  2. Westmoreland’s Pemberton Hutchinson letter regarding Melcher
  3. Mineral Reservation, resolutions 64-30 plus other data
  4. Various Coal resolutions & data on coal
  5. Crow-Shell agreement 1980 +
  6. Crow Ceded area Coal Lease Tract II & III Westmoreland Resources
  7. Shell-ethics-tribal attorneys 1977
  8. C.L. Lipton recommendations regarding Coal 10/1/1976
  9. Coal Data-Notes & miscellaneous
  10. Crow Coal Authority-1st resolution
  11. Stands letter to Shell, 3/12/1976 regarding coal
  12. Stevens, Phil-Ultra Systems Inc.
  13. Resolutions regarding coal-proposed by Shell (never adopted), 4/1976
  14. Coal - Crow Young’s Creek & Tanner Creek socioeconomic profile
  15. Mineral committee-Crow-74-21
  16. Crow coal permits & related data
  17. Employment guidelines-coal-Navajo
  18. Coal sale prices-1978
  19. Coal information-Slides, other data & miscellaneous letters
  20. Important Coal Resolutions
  21. Mineral Committee of 1981-Crow
  22. Coal Data-formulated by Robert Yellowtail
  23. Ownership map of Shell area-Coal, other data-Shell lease
  24. Coal values-Compare -Shell vs. Ethyl offers
  25. Shell proposed-Tanner Creek Development
  26. Coal Information Data-Crow
  27. Montana Severance Tax regarding coal
  28. Resolution on harassment of mineral Lessees, etc.
  29. Mineral Committee-Office of Economic Opportunity/Community Action Program

Series 17: Minerals (Others)-Oil, Gas and Coal

This series contains information concerning the Crow Tribe and its minerals (such as oil, gas and coal), leased lands, and the surface rights and who holds them. Other topics covered are water and ethyl. Information on the different investors and their responsibilities in taking care of business is found in correspondence that addresses this issue.

  1. Proposed bill-S. 1894-regarding tribes to enter into mineral agreements, 1981
  2. Crow Act of 9/16/1959-regarding minerals
  3. Soap Creek Oil-Crow
  4. Mineral Bill introduced-1967
  5. Mineral Committee Minutes & Data
  6. Crow Indian Reservation Regional Scale Analysis and Evaluation of the Oil and Gas Potential, May 7, 1981
  7. Mineral Rights-Homestead patents-Crow allottees
  8. Shell Oil Company Coal Leases
  9. Notice of 10/2/1986 Quarterly Council meeting with resolutions
  10. Ethyl-Information-etc.
  11. Mineral Reservation-Private
  12. Attachments to C.E.R.T. Testimony
  13. Coal Data - Shell & Westmoreland, etc.
  14. Investor Responsibility Research Center, Inc., Crow-Northern Cheyenne surface mining Report
  15. Letter from Washington D.C. 4/6/1982 from Office of Surface Mining
  16. Coal Mine-Shaw-Wolf Mountains
  17. Petition Letter 90-308; 82 Stat. 123
  18. Letter, 1/12/1982 Washington D.C., from Office of Surface Mining
  19. Letter, 3/22/1982 Washington D.C., from Office of Surface Mining
  20. Letter, 4/4/1982 Washington D.C. from Office of Surface Mining
  21. Tongue River, Montana Petition Evaluation Document
  22. Coal lands-State Taxation
  23. Coal Seminar & planning meetings notes, 1975, etc.
  24. Maps, Westmoreland

Series 18: Natural Resources

In this collection on the natural resources of the Crow Tribe, there are studies of water, wildlife, fishing rights, and recreation laws. There are also letters from Homer L. Rouse of Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area

  1. Indian Natural Resource Management Project 2/13/1981, a 2-year college class proposal
  2. Little Horn Project-in Wyoming on headwaters of Little Big Horn River 1987
  3. Memorandum of Agreement regarding Big Horn River 3/21/1978
  4. Little Big Horn River & Wild & Scenic Rivers Act 1968
  5. Trip Through Big Horn Canyon by Green, 1931
  6. Application to Economic Development Administration for Sewage Treatment Facilities, Crow Agency, Montana
  7. Wildlife Management Proposal, 1977
  8. Regarding Indians’ Fishing Rights, 1979
  9. Environmental Impact Statement regarding 1976 & other data
  10. Fishing & River Navigation Crow
  11. Laws, Recreation, Water, Land, etc.
  12. Letter from Homer L. Rouse of Big Horn Canyon; article on Tribal Water Right 2/26/1982

Series 19: Planning Studies I

This series contains information on different studies that concern the Crow Tribe. Its also contains some old tribal ledgers. Some of the studies included are: an energy study conducting and analysis of financial, social, and economic barriers to the development of energy resources on Indian land, a study on Crow Coal by Shell Oil Company at the Young’s Creek site, and a study on a medical facility on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.

Other studies of significance include a study on the status of the Crow Tribe of Indians regarding eligibility to receive a H.U.D. 701 planning grant and a study conducted by the Council of Energy Resource Tribes (C.E.R.T.) to advise the tribe about a power generation project and where to locate it one the reservation. At one time, the Crow tribe was offered an opportunity to reacquire former Crow land now part of the Little Horn Ranch located on the reservation in Wyola, Montana. a study of the feasibility and cost was conducted and is also to be found in this series.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Old Ledgers
  2. Comprehensive Analysis of issues regarding Energy development on Indian Reservations 9/14/1976
  3. Socio-Economic Impact Analysis, proposed Young’s Creek Mine, Crow Indian Reservation, Southeastern Montana
  4. The feasibility of and need for, additional medical service facilities on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation at Lame Deer, Montana
  5. Building Minority Enterprise
  6. Selected information sources for urban specialists
  7. Status of Crow Tribe of Indians
  8. Gaffney, Cline, and Associate, petroleum and natural gas advisors
  9. Status of Crow Tribe of Indians and Eligibility to Receive H.U.D. 701 Planning Grants
  10. Crow Electric Power Generation Project, 10/1981
  11. Minority Business Opportunities
  12. Montana Outfitters and Dude Ranchers Annual
  13. Summary of the T.A.P. Report on proposed purchase of the Little Horn Ranch and Livestock Company by the Crow Tribe
  14. Indian Affairs 1967
  15. Turning the Tide
  16. Area Development, June 1969
  17. Federal Assistance programs for Minority Business Enterprise, September 1969
  18. Crow Tribe of Indians SynFuels Feasibility Study, vol, IV, August 1982

Series 20: Planning Studies II

This series includes information on the different planning committees that put the Bulletin News together from a tribal grant, a planning and preservation board for Custer Battlefield and the future development of the Crow Reservation. It also contains the first draft of the overall Economic Development Plan (O.E.D.P.) for Big Horn Economic Development Corporation.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Information Bulletin regarding Economic Development Specialists etc., 2/11/1972
  2. Proposed planning grant to continue Absalokaa News sheet 1981
  3. Report-701 Planner 3/17/1975 to 4/4/1975
  4. Custer Battlefield Preservation Committee (Organized 1982)
  5. Indian Craft-Data
  6. Planning District Economic Development-Federal
  7. Crow Indian Nation Future Development Plan October 1981
  8. Overall Economic Development Plan, Draft for Big Horn Economic Development Corporation

Series 21: Recreation Plans and Development

This series contains information on how the Crow Tribe plans to use its land for recreation development to benefit the tribe. This covers the many programs developed (and who helped developed them) and a study on what land the Crows could use to bring in tourists. All of this pertains to recreation plans of the Crow Tribe.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Recreation Committee Minutes 1972
  2. Proposal to Revise & Update the Master Plan Regarding Recreation Development Prospects for the Crow Indian Tribe at Big Horn Canyon 1971
  3. Crow Tourism Commission, 3/10/1987
  4. Montana Travel Study
  5. Big Horn Canyon, January 1980 Draft, June 1981 Final
  6. Recreation Development & Planning at Yellowtail Dam, regarding National Park Service, Crow Tribe
  7. Beginning of Sun Lodge & Heritage Village, Recreation Committee Minutes & Papers
  8. Minutes & Papers, 1970-Recreation Committee
  9. Arts & Crafts-Crow, Northern Cheyenne Management Study
  10. Recreation Committee
  11. Land Agreement - National Park Service & Crows, Big Horn Canyon Area, 1967
  12. Recreation Commission Minutes, 4/1970
  13. Recreation Area-Big Horn Canyon, National Park Service and Crow Tribe, Etc.

Series 22: Resolutions and Minutes - Crow Council - 1942-1990

This series contains information on respective tribal chairman’s council meetings from 1942 to 1990. Some of the resolutions are not signed by the tribal chairman’s. Other information includes: notice of meetings, memos, petitions, etc.

  • Sub-series 22A
    • 22a:1 Henry Pretty On Top-1942-1948
    • 22a:1:1 Resolutions
    • 22a:1:2 Minutes
    • 22a:2 Robert Yellowtail-6/1948-5/1954
    • 22a:2:1 Resolutions
    • 22a:2:2 Minutes
    • 22a:3 William Wal-5/1954-5/1956
    • 22a:3:1 Resolutions
    • 22a:3:2 Minutes
  • Sub-series 22B
    • 22b:1 Edward Whiteman-5/1956-5/1960
    • 22b:1:1 Resolutions
    • 22b:1:2 Notices
    • 22b:1:3 Petitions
    • 22b:1:4 Minutes
    • 22b:1:5 Memos
    • 22b:2 John B. Cummins-5/1960-7/1964
    • 22b:2:1 Resolutions
    • 22b:2:2 Minutes
    • 22b:2:3 Memos
  • Sub-series 22C
    • 22c:1 John E. Wilson, Sr. - 7/1964-7/1966
    • 22c:1:1 Resolutions
    • 22c:2 Edison Real Bird
    • 22c:2:1 Resolutions
    • 22c:2:2 Minutes
    • 22c:2:3 Notices
    • 22c:3 David Stewart-1972-1974
    • 22c:3:1 Resolutions
    • 22c:3:2 Minutes
    • 22c:3:3 Notices
    • 22c:4 Patrick Stands Over Bull-1974-1977
    • 22c:4:1 Resolutions
    • 22c:4:2 Minutes
    • 22c:4:3 Notices
    • 22c:4:4 Impeachment Resolutions
    • 22c:4:5 Petitions
    • 22c:4:6 Memos
  • Sub-series 22D
    • 22d:1 Forrest Horn-1977-1981
    • 22d:1:1 Resolutions
    • 22d:1:2 Minutes
    • 22d:1:3 Memos
    • 22d:1:4 Notices
    • 22d:2 Donald Stewart-1981-1986
    • 22d:2:1 Resolutions
    • 22d:2:2 Minutes
    • 22d:2:3 Notices
    • 22d:3 Richard Real Bird-1986-1990
    • 22d:3:1 Resolutions
    • 22d:3:2 Minutes
    • 22d:3:3 Notices

Series 23: Election Propaganda

This series contains election propaganda from various years.

Series 24: Statute of Limitations Cases and Contracts

This series has materials from court cases that are either pending in court or where a decision has already been reached by the judge. the cases range from private to Crow Tribal matters. Eloise herself conducted much of the research.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Statute of Limitations Cases and Data
  2. Airport-Hardin
  3. Cemetery-Lodge Grass
  4. Deeds-1948 Act, Forced Patents, etc.
  5. Electric Rights of Way
  6. Contracts-Eloise Pease-Statute of Limitations Cases
  7. Grey Blanket Road-Right of Way
  8. Harold Male Bear (Harold Stone) Core Drilling/Peabody
  9. John Hayden #2
  10. Hayden, John-Plays-Research contract etc. #1
  11. Inherited Interests-Crow
  12. John Fights Well Known (Chicken) - Will
  13. Liens-Crows-Old Age Assistance & Others-Legal services
  14. Martha Longneck-Estate
  15. Elinore Medicine Crow-Estate
  16. Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company-Right of Way, 1918
  17. Old Age Pensions-Crow vs. State
  18. George Pease-regarding forced patent
  19. Wallace Pease-restricted deed-own minerals
  20. Pease, Wallace-Trailer House
  21. Pup Plays Estate
  22. Railroad right of way-Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, and Northern Pacific
  23. Railroad and Road-Right of Way problems
  24. Reports-Rights of Way
  25. Right of Way Data-Rough Draft
  26. Road Right of Way-Pryor, Big Horn Railroad
  27. Road Right of Way, etc.
  28. Rough drafts - Statute of Limitations cases
  29. Suspected Forced Patents, 1923
  30. Statute of Limitations-Early Data
  31. Tax-Town of Lodge Grass-restricted deeds and removal of same
  32. Utility rights of way & pipelines-General
  33. Clara White Hip (not the Madame Chairman)-will and tax data
  34. Old Age - J. Wilson-Trust Property
  35. Francis Geisdorff-patent-Illegal, 1919
  36. Patents and Acts of 1906-Crow
  37. Resolution 65-5, Crow Tribe Accepts Pl. 88-452, 11/7/1964-the Economic Opportunity Act
  38. Pease Construction Company, 3/7/1970
  39. Bi-centennial Committee-Crow Tribe, 2/28/1975
  40. West Magazine, 1956, article on Robert Yellowtail
  41. Data regarding Individuals
  42. Deeds-Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad At Hardin
  43. Project and research notebook
  44. Notebook-Case Development Income & Expense Lists, Receipts
  45. Checking Account Statements & Blank Checks
  46. Check register for Statute of Limitations research

Series 25: Synfuel Program #1/C.E.R.T.

This series contains materials on the Synthetic Fuel (synfuel) Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT) project that the tribe undertook. the chairman at that time was Donald Stewart. There are ledgers on the cash flow of the project as well as the drafts of studies that were conducted as part of the project. There are maps giving the locations of minerals on Crow Lands. the project itself was undertaken with the state of Montana.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Synfuel Conference 9/30/1981
  2. Hold Until Confirmed By Eloise Pease-Notes to Chairman Donald Stewart About Revenue Sharing to Individual People in 1985 (?), Personal Notes to the Chairman. Use Restriction Until Cleared By Archivist for Public Review
  3. Ledgers on cash flow to employees
  4. Brown and Caldwell Consulting Engineers, Statement of Qualifications
  5. Slide Information and pictures, synfuel
  6. CERT Feasibility Study Crow Electric Power Generation Project, October 1981
  7. Manual, Environmental Review Process for the Crow Tribe Synfuels Project, 4/1982
  8. Crow Tribe-Montana Project, High BTU Coal Gas, Vol. 1
  9. Coal Gasification, a Technical Description
  10. CERT, Response to Department of Energy Solicitation for Feasibility Studies: Coal Liquids and Gas, 1980
  11. Maps, Synfuels Awards article
  12. Final Draft-Environmental Review-Crow Synfuel Project, 3/25/1982

Series 26: SynFuel Program #2/C.E.R.T. (Part One)

This series consists of information on the Crow Tribal Council of Energy Resource Tribes (C.E.R.T.) program. Included are all matters and materials from the project: blank checks, audit letters, synthetic fuel (SynFuel) study, expenditures for payment billed to C.E.R.T., gas project information, committee matters and a funding proposal. It also has information on the Crow Tribal Office of Economic Planning and Resource Development, August 1981 through February 1982

  1. Checks
  2. Checking account statements, Crow tribal Office of Economic Planning and Resource Development, 8/1981-2/1982
  3. C.E.R.T.
  4. Audit Letter, pg 1 & 2
  5. Audit Letter, pg 3
  6. Audit Letter, pg 4
  7. Crow Tribe-C.E.R.T.-SynFuel study contract
  8. C.E.R.T. matters
  9. Expenditures for payment billed to C.E.R.T.
  10. Unconventional gas project C.E.R.T.
  11. Check copies
  12. New Funding Proposal

Series 27: SynFuel Program #2/C.E.R.T. (Part Two)

This series has additional information about the Synthetic Fuel (SynFuel) Program #2 project, including: travel fo the project director, unemployment taxes paid to the state, checks written on various accounts in 1981, the study by the Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT), and correspondence received by the project Director. This series also contains information on the program funding through a grant from C.E.R.T., the various employees, and their working notes.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Crow Tribal Office of Economic Planning & Resource Development-Copies of Checks
  2. Travel Receipts
  3. Check Register-August & September Check 01 through #359
  4. Accounts September thru December 1981
  5. Quarterly Reports regarding SynFuel Feasibility Study-Crow
  6. Council of Energy Resource Tribes, Environmental Review Process for the Crow Tribe SynFuels Project
  7. Sign Out Sheets
  8. Little Big Horn College Data
  9. Tom Frederick & Associates, Legal
  10. Blank Financial Forms including Time Sheets
  11. C.E.R.T./Crow/Grants
  12. C.E.R.T.
  13. Surveyors-Paid in Cash 9/22 and 10/23/81 Receipts for same
  14. To be Paid-from Crow Tribe
  15. Financial Records
  16. Names of those Getting Checks
  17. Lehman Brothers Contract
  18. Crow Power Plant
  19. Methane Gas Project
  20. Internal Revenue Service, Montana Unemployment Tax
  21. Crow SynFuels Project, Accrued Costs, Projection
  22. Anita Haukaas
  23. Personnel September thru December 1981
  24. Working Notes
  25. Yellowstone Office Supply
  26. Star Office Machines
  27. Account # & Rachel Stewart
  28. Check Register - October thru December 1981 Check numbers #360 - #2100
  29. Reporter Incorporated
  30. Absalokaa News

Series 28: Water and Irrigation

This series contains materials on the water usage of the Crow Tribe and how such usage affects the tribe as a whole. the series contains the hearings that occurred on the Missouri River Basin and its water marketing base, the report on the Yellowtail Dam and its river base, an inventory of water resources, information on water right of ways, a survey of water, and material on irrigation problems and the historical value of irrigation to the reservation non-Indian farmers.

  1. Missouri River Basin Industrial Water Marketing (Hearing)
  2. Report on the Yellowtail Basin & Adjacent Coal Area, Level B Study 1978
  3. Report on Inventory of Water Resources
  4. Various Rights of Way-Irrigation, 1920
  5. Air Quality-Crow Tribe
  6. Water Resources Survey Part II
  7. Water-William H. Veeder information on
  8. Dams-Proposed on Crow Reservation
  9. Water Code-Colville Tribe
  10. Water-Level B. Missouri River Study
  11. Department of Interior’s Water Code Proposal for 25 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.)
  12. Irrigation Data, historical-Later, Crow Tribe
  13. Irrigation-5/5/14 regarding Farmers Ditch
  14. Irrigation (Eggart Ditch) 6/28/20 & related letters

Series 29: Yellowtail Dam #1

There were tremendous struggles both within the tribe and with outside interests which raged (mostly) in the 1950s over whether to construct a dam on the Big Horn River and over other related issues. This series contains letters about Yellowtail Dam, hearings, reports from 1932, Supreme Court decisions about the matter, and the resolutions that were presented to the Crow Tribe on the issue of Yellowtail Dam. Two clubs developed out of the battle over whether or not to build the dam, the Mountain Crow club (of which Eloise Pease was secretary), and the River Crow club. There were also the issues of flood control on the Big Horn River and how to use certain Crow lands.

The series also includes information on the electors and elections of Big Horn County and the different electrical plants that have been proposed for construction on the Crow Reservation and their possible effects.

Items shown in grey are temporarily unavailable.

  1. Letters Regarding Yellowtail & Crow Tribal Affairs of the Times
  2. Ft. Berthold Reservation Estimate of Reservation value
  3. Montana Power Company letter regarding Yellowtail Dam-1956, Payment offer for water-Yellowtail Dam Montana Power letter
  4. Mountain Crows, Mountain Crow Club-petitions, letter 1957 from Simon Old Crow, Resolution 1955
  5. Original report on Uranium in Yellowtail Dam area
  6. Letter, 1956, to Mr. Edward P. Whiteman
  7. The United States Department of Interior Museum
  8. H.R. 8898 and H.R. 10884, 5/1925-26/1932 Hearings
  9. Report, 84th congress, 2nd session Report 1626, 3/6/1956
  10. Federal Power Commission Laws and Hydroelectric Power Development Laws
  11. Federal Power Commission 12/15/1929 (2 copies)
  12. Hearings H.R. 9617, January-March 1958
  13. Uranium Ore Price Chart 1955
  14. Notice-Mountain Crows, 2/10/1958
  15. Yellowtail Dam Hearings, 12/9/1955
  16. Yellowtail Dam Hearings, 2/6/1957
  17. Hearings (part 4) on Interior Department appropriations for 1954, 1st Session
  18. Notebook
  19. Report, 85th Congress, 1st Session, Report #216, 4/8/1957
  20. 1938 Term U.S. Supreme Court
  21. Yellowtail Hearing, 3/23/1955
  22. Report, 85th Congress, 1St Session, Report #216, 4/8/1957
  23. Flathead Power Development
  24. Federal Indian Policy Hearings 1957
  25. Report, 84th Congress, Report #2068, 4/26/1956
  26. N.C.A.I. Bulletin, Washington D.C. 2/1/1959
  27. Report, 85th Congress, 1St Session Report #216, 4/8/1957
  28. Supreme Court of the United States, October 1955
  29. Flood Control Bill Ch. 665, H.R. 4485
  30. Indirect Benefits of Irrigation Development, March 1956
  31. Hydroelectric Power Development Laws, 1941
  32. Report, 84th Congress, Report #2068, 4/26/1956
  33. On the Question of Amending Article XII of the Constitution of the State of Montana
  34. Hearings, Adjustments in Connection With the Crow Irrigation Project, Crow Indian Reservation, April 13, 1945, April 27, 1946
  35. Hearing, 3/23/1955, Yellowtail Dam
  36. Hearing, 12/9/1955 (Part 2), Yellowtail Dam
  37. Hearing, 12/9/1955 (Part 2), Yellowtail Dam
  38. Report, 84th Congress, Report #1626, 3/6/1956
  39. Report, 80th Congress, Report #1366, 5/21/1948
  40. 84th Congress, 1St Session, Yellowtail Dam 3/8/1955
  41. Report, 85th Congress, Report #784, 7/10/1957
  42. Hearings, H.R.9617, 1958
  43. Hearings, H.R.3061, H.R.4002, H.R.4983, H.R.6195, 1946
  44. Notes, January 16, 1960
  45. Report, 85th Congress, Report #216, April 1957
  46. Money Receipts (Unused)
  47. List of Electors, Big Horn County, Two Leggings Precinct #1, 6/3/1958
  48. Report On Crow Indian Tribal Lands March 1950
  49. Yellowtail Unit - Montana, January 1950 (Definite Plan Report, Vol. I)
  50. Congressional Record, Vol. 102, June 11, 1956 #96
  51. Crow Indian Land Owners, 1/24/1956 (Poster)
  52. Steam-Electric Plant Construction, Cost and Annual Production Expenses, 1953
  53. Bureau of Indian Affairs Missouri River Basin Investigations, Yellowtail Dam and Reservoir Montana, 1949
  54. The Big Horn Canyon and Power Company Project in Montana, May 1949
  55. Department of the Interior, August 1950, Appraisal of the Interests of the Indians of the Crow Reservation
  56. Boat Ramps and Access Roads, Yellowtail Reservoir
  57. The Hardin Irrigation Unit, March 1966
  58. 3/29/1957 Letter of the Secretary of the Interior
  59. Congressional Record, Vol. 102, #86, 5/24/1956

Series 30: Yellowtail Dam #2

This series includes the report from the 85th Congress on Yellowtail Dam which covers the right of way, the cost to the Crow Tribe, and the agreements made with the city of Hardin. the series contains the correspondence on Yellowtail Dam and the views of the investigating committee, articles, mailing lists, Robert Yellowtail’s speech on the effects of the Dam, Crow Tribal resolutions and petitions, the maps used to build the Dam and newspaper clippings.

  1. Correspondence -Incoming and Outgoing
  2. Scholarship Plan, Minutes Crow Education Committee
  3. Articles regarding Yellowtail Dam
  4. Mailing list-persons interested in Yellowtail Dam
  5. Radio Speeches, Robert Yellowtail, Original Copies
  6. Miscellaneous, Mountain Crow Materials
  7. Yellowtail Dam (Robert Yellowtail)
  8. Maps
  9. Crow Tribal Council
  10. Speeches and notes of Eloise Pease
  11. Clippings from paper
  12. Resolutions by Robert Yellowtail 1958

Subject Headings

  • Indians of North America-Crow
  • Yellowtail Dam
  • Crow Indians-Tribal Government-Minutes
  • Minerals
  • Natural Resources
  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Lawsuits
  • Law and Order
  • Crow Indians - Statute of Limitations - Cases
  • Crow Indians - Statute of Limitations - Contracts
  • Maps

Significant Personal/Corporate Name Entries

  • Pease, Eloise Whitebear
  • Yellowtail, Robert
  • Whiteman, Edward “Posey”
  • Whitebear, Russell
  • Weaver, Otto K.
  • Fights Well Known, Mary
  • White Hip, Clara
  • Pease, Wallace
  • Stone (Male Bear), Harold
  • Stands Over Bull, Patrick
  • Lefthand, Frederick
  • Barnes, Ella
  • Cummins, John
  • Stanton, Harold
  • Kronmiller, Bert
  • Lynaugh, Thomas
  • Veeder, William
  • Horn, Forrest
  • Stewart, Donald
  • Israel, Dan
  • McDermott, Bill