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Audiovisual Bibliography

Apsáalooke Writing Tribal Histories Project

This is an Apsáalooke bibliography of audio visual materials for teacher reference, classroom use, and librarian recommendation. This is a good list of reliable sources for teachers and classroom use.

American Indian Tribal Histories Project—Includes Crow Nation Teachers Resource Guide, This is Crow Country, The Clan system, Camp Criers and Social Gatherings of the Crow Nation, Warrior Societies, Law and Order, and Dance Societies of the Crow Nation, Leaders of Crow Nation, Creation, Origin, Separation and Migration of the Crow Nation

  • This is a wonderful set of DVD’s with an awesome teachers resource guide, including lesson plans, and many personal interviews with tribal elders. Available from the Western Heritage Center in Billings, Mt. K-12 a great resource for all teachers.

Contrary Warriors

  • Narrated by Peter Coyote, 60 minutes long. This offers a brief biography of Apsáalooke tribal member, advocate, and politician Robert Yellow Tail. “Robby” was the first tribal member to serve as the Bureau of Indian Affairs superintendent at Crow Agency. This film includes interviews with other tribal members as well, including Henry Real Bird, and Dr. Janine Pease.

Hand game

  • A film by Lawrence Johnson. 66 minutes. Covers the “handgames” of several tribes, Makah, Flathead, Spokane, Coeur d’Lane and one section on the Apsáalooke. This is a good video with reliable information on hand games in Crow Agency. The Apsáalooke play hand games throughout the year, but especially in the winter and early spring months. The season culminates with two tournaments usually held in April and May, one tournament for the under 30 crowd—juniors, and one for the 30 and over crowd, the seniors. These tournaments last about five days. The teams consist of districts and family groups on the reservation.

The Crow

  • Tribal series with one video about the Apsáalooke called the Indians of North America series, 30 minutes. For grades 4-10 adapted from Chelsea House Publishers Library. Available from video company 800 843 3620

Plenty Coups

  • Made by Roy Stewart an Apsáalooke Tribal member—A brief biography of Plenty Coup, 30 minutes. Part of the Pathmaker Series, purchase from Little Big Horn College bookstore 406 638 3100.

Warrior Chiefs in a New Age

  • Made by Apsáalooke tribal member Dean Bear Claw, 30 minutes. A part of the Native Voices Public Television Workshop project. Available at

Montana 1492

  • Produced by the Montana committee for the humanities, 28.5 minutes. 1991 Dennis Seibel Entertainment. Availble online.

Well Known Woman

  • Produced by the family of Apsáalooke tribal member Alma Snell. Ms. Snell is featured offering information about the many plants untilized by herself. Snell is the grand daughter of Pretty Shield. In the film Snell talks about her relationship with her grandmother and the many things she taught her. VHS 83 minutes Alma Hogan Snell. Available from Pretty Shield Production P.O. Box 358, Crow Agency Mt. 59022, or from


  • Companion book available. Special features include interviews with tribal elders, and a biography of Tom Yellow Tail. Disc 1 features parts of the sundance. Disc 2 features an actual sundance. DVD run time 2 disks 3:15 total run time The sun dance is a religious ritual undertaken by some members of the Apsáalooke. Sundances take place across the reservation over the summer months.