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Chapter 2: The Beginning of the Apsáalooke

Apsáalooke Writing Tribal Histories Project

As most people, the Apsáalooke trace their origins to the creation of the world. Their creation story states that they were not only chosen by God, First Maker, because of their bravery, but that they were placed in the center of the world out of His appreciation. The divine origin of the Apsáalooke is complemented by the historic account of their migration to the promised land. Oral tradition states that the Apsáalooke were originally part of the Hidatsa tribe, the process of becoming Apsáalooke is significant as it is the beginning of a tribal identity. There are many stories through out the world that begin with a migration, people searching for something that signifies their home. This story is not so different.

The following chapter will present one version of the Apsáalooke creation story and two variants of the migration story. The chapter concludes with a discussion of the most recent archaeological findings about the ancestors of the Apsáalooke people.

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