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Rooms Policies

Note: these policies were approved by the Library Committee and the Board of Trustees in AY 2008-2009

I. Library Programs Room

The first use of the Library Programs room is to provide appropriate space for the LBHC Board of Trustees meetings and Library and Archives-sponsored programs.

The LBHC President and the Library reserve the right to cancel reservations for the Programs Room if the space is needed for their meetings or events.

When not in use for LBHC Board meetings, Library/Archives-sponsored events, or Presidential requests, the room is available for use by other groups. First preference will be given to LBHC employee, faculty and student groups.

Second preference will be given to community groups and outside organizations for primarily educational and informational purposes. All outside/community groups must sign a Programs Room agreement form prior to use of the room. Fees will be charged for non-LBHC/library use of this space. Exceptions will be made to this rule in regards to the Crow Tribe: if the use benefits LBHC students and fits the LBHC mission, there will be no charge; if it is for the Tribe’s own purposes, the existing fee schedule will be followed. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

If there is a question as to whether a group is an LBHC or an outside group, library staff will first check with appropriate LBHC personnel (i.e. the Deans or President).

Addendum May 2015: The final decision on the use of the room by outside groups rests with the College administration.

The Library Programs Room will never be scheduled as a regular meeting room for any regular course.

The room will not be available for private social gatherings. The one exception to this will be graduation receptions. LBHC graduates will be allowed to use the room for their graduation receptions at no charge.

The Programs Room may be used when the library is closed. An LBHC employee must be present and responsible for the room and equipment during this time, with no exceptions.

Library Staff schedule the use of the room for everyone. Reservations for the Programs Room can be made at the Library front desk or by calling ext. 123.

II. Group Study/AV Room

The group study/AV room is used to provide small group meeting or study space for groups of up to 10 people. The room is primarily for students and is available on a first come, first served basis. Students should check in at the front desk to use the room. There will be a time limit of two hours, renewable, if no one else has signed up for the room.

There is a flat screen TV with DVD player available for use in this room. The remote controls for these may be checked out at the front desk. All DVD and video viewing should be course-related. This equipment is not intended for entertainment purposes.

This room may be used by the public for viewing of library videos and DVDs if it is not scheduled for use by a student group.

Food, such as sack lunches and covered drinks will be allowed in this room for scheduled meetings. However, the group using the room will be responsible for clean-up of the room. Failure to comply with this rule may mean forfeiture of room use in the future.

A calendar of scheduled meetings will be posted outside the study room door.

III. Storytelling/Fireplace Area

This area is for general student use, LBHC faculty and library programs.

For larger groups, the area must be reserved and signs will be posted around the area in advance for students using the study carrels.

If a group wishes to use the area, they must check-in at the front desk. To reserve the area ahead of time, contact the library staff at extension 123 or by e-mailing

The level of noise coming from any meetings in this area must be kept low, with the possible exception of storytelling sessions.

Approved by the Library Committee 11/19/2008