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Chapter 3.8: Women Leaders from the Buffalo Days

Apsáalooke Writing Tribal Histories Project
  • Bíawacheeitchish/Woman Chief (ca. 1790-1830)
    Captured as a girl from the Atsina people and raised by a Crow couple. Became a renowned war and camp leader. She dressed as a man when she went to war and had a number of wives. She was killed in a battle against her natal tribe in the 1830s.
  • Akkeekaahuush/Comes Toward The Near Bank (ca. 1810-1880)
    She and her husband, Knife, were infamous war leaders. She was once captured by the Piegans in battle and later escaped.
  • Biliíche Héeleelash/Among The Willows (1837-1912)
    A prominent war leader known for dressing in the finest female attire when riding into battle. She was one of the leaders (pipe carriers) against the Lakota in the legendary Battle of Rainy Buttes (called the Battle Where Sitting Bull's Father Was Killed, by the Lakota). She lived into the early reservation period.
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