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Subject-Specific Selection Criteria

The following is a list of the major subject areas in the Library collection, arranged by Library of Congress call number. In addition, information about the current collection, the frequency of use, significance to the overall collection and mission of the Library, as well as goals and criteria for future development are provided for each subject area. Particular areas of interest are noted as they result from academic and/or community need or interest.

Much of the subject area criteria are summarized in Appendix B in the Summary of Collection Goals at the Division Level which largely follows the major divisions as noted in Using the Conspectus Method: a Collection Assessment Handbook (Mary Bushing, et al., Lacey, Washington: WLN, 1997).

The General Reading/Fiction and Children’s collections are not arranged by Library of Congress call number and come under the public library function of the Library, therefore, more explanation of their respective subject coverage is provided in the subject-specific criteria.

The Librarian uses this information, as complementary to the general and format-specific criteria, when making selection decisions. One exception to all rules is the Crow and Native American collection, which is expanded when possible across education levels, format, and sub-subjects.