Apsáalooke Speakers

Apsáalooke Speaker Notes

This list is provided at the request of many teachers across the state. The following individuals are by no means the only qualified speakers, just a list of those known for their capabilities. Schools may entertain asking a speaker to present to teachers as well as, or rather than students.

If instructors have a general idea of what they would like to hear about it, it is good to let the speakers know, some contacts may have an idea of another individual you may wish to speak to.

Individual speakers will have a fee, but that amount is up to their discretion, others may ask a fee and mileage. Some may not ask for a specific fee as dictated by personal cultural practices; however these people are accustomed to being paid an honorarium or the like for their services. Please consider the amount of time needed to prepare for such an engagement, the cost of fuel, and the time involved in travel and presentation.

Apsáalooke Speaker List

Shawn Back Bone

Mr. Back Bone works for the Apsáalooke Nation as a substance abuse counselor. He has years of experience working with kids developing healthy lifestyle activities. To this end he is expert in the instruction of Native games. He may be reached at 406-638-3804

Faith Bad Bear Bartlett

Ms. Bartlett is the archivist at Little Big Horn College. She has many years of museum experience, and is well accustomed to making cultural presentations. She may be reached at 406-638-3100.

Brenda Bull Shows

Ms. Bull Shows worked at both the Crow Agency School and Pretty Eagle Catholic School as an Apsáalooke culture teacher for years. She is known for her instruction of children’s lullabies specific to the Apsáalooke. She can be reached in Crow Agency at 406-638-2967.

Della Big Hair

Ms. Big Hair is an award winning pow wow dancer who served as Miss Crow Nation of the annual Crow Fair. She is an expert Crow traditional style dancer as well as jingle dress dancer. She is able to give presentations about ladies pow wow dancing. She can be reached at 406-620-1477, or 406-638-2102.

Nicole Cummins

Ms. Cummins is a teacher at Crow Public School in Crow Agency. She is well known for her pow wow dancing and inclusion of Apsáalooke culture into her classroom. As an educator she has a keen understanding of what is valuable in the classroom. She can be reached at Crow Public School at 406-638- 2252.

Marvin Dawes

Mr. Dawes is a National Park Service Ranger at the Little Big Horn Battlefield in Crow Agency. He has a degree in Crow Studies and is a good speaker. Mr. Dawes may be reached at 406-638-2621.

Bill Eggers

Mr. Eggers is a tribal member who lives in Bozeman Montana. He has broad knowledge of Indian Law and is a practicing attorney in both Montana and Hawaii. He can be reached at 406-600-0785.

Scott Frasier

Mr. Frasier is an Apsáalooke tribal member with ties to the Lakota Nation. He lives in Bozeman Montana and is the director of Living Waters. He is well accustomed to speaking on Native resource issues. He may be reached at

Elias Goes Ahead

Mr. Goes Ahead is known as a tribal historian; he is from the Pryor, or Arrow Creek district and has a keen interest in Chief Plenty Coups but has a wealth of other Apsáalooke knowledge. Mr. Goes Ahead is a popular speaker in classrooms across the reservation he can be reached at 406-259-7329.

Vera Jane He Does It Half

Ms. Half is a rancher and activist. Her knowledge of Apsáalooke land resources is vast and she an entertaining speaker. She may be reached at 406-638-3804.

Janice Little Light Huedtz

Ms. Huedtz is a well known bead worker who offered classes in beading for the school district Learning For Life program in Billings for several years. She is also an accomplished cultural presentation speaker. She may be reached at 406-638-3804

Theo Hugs

Ms. Hugs is ranch woman with many years of experience working with the National Park Service at the Big Horn National Recreation Area. She owns a gift shop in Crow Agency at the base of the Little Big Horn Battlefield. Ms. Hugs has a vast knowledge of the Apsáalooke and their way of life. She is available at 406-666-2412.

Luella Johnson

Ms. Johnson is a long time educator known for her beading skills. She is dedicated to the continuing art of Apsáalooke beadwork and has lectured on the subject extensively. She may be reached at 406-639-2298.

Joseph Medicine Crow, Ph.D.

Dr. Medicine Crow, a WW II veteran, is a well known tribal historian and author of numerous books. He has been featured in many publications and is a very animated speaker. His knowledge of the Apsáalooke is dear to him and he is eager to share it with others. He may be reached at 406-639-8920.

Lorri Not Afraid

Ms. Not Afraid, daughter of the late Lloyd Old Coyote, works at Little Big Horn College in the bookstore. She and her husband own a ranch just outside Hardin, Mt. Ms. Not Afraid has great knowledge of the parade gear worn by horses and participants at parades across the reservation. She may be reached at 406-638-3100.

Dr. Barney Old Coyote

Dr. Old Coyote is a well-known tribal historian, WW II veteran, member for the tribal culture committee and author. He spent his career working across the United States for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Dr. Old Coyote is generous with his knowledge and a very kind person. He may be reached at 406-652-0283.

Dana Old Coyote

Mr. Old Coyote is an active speaker who is able to cover many area of Apsáalooke culture. His father designed the Apsáalooke Nation flag, and he is well acquainted with many traditions. He may be reached at 406-665-3278.

Darren Old Coyote

Mr. Old Coyote currently works as the vice- secretary of the Apsáalooke Nation in Crow Agency. He is a gifted and well known singer with a tremendous amount of knowledge about Apsáalooke music. He is well accustomed to making cultural presentations. He may be reached at 406-638-3804.

Henry “Sarge” Old Horn, Sr.

Mr. Old Horn is a well- known Crow style dancer on the pow wow circuit. He has won many awards for his dancing skills. He works in Crow Agency for the FSA office. Mr. Old Horn has a tremendous amount of Apsáalooke knowledge. He can be reached at 406-638-2358.

Janine Pease Eed, Ph.D.

Dr. Pease, a Macarthur Foundation Award winner, and world-renowned educator was the second president at Little Big Horn College. She served as President of the American Indian Tribal College Fund, and currently works as a Vice President at Rocky Mountain College, her other credits, too numerous to mention, attribute to the wealth of her knowledge and tireless activist for Native rights and education. Dr. Pease is a wonderful inspirational speaker and has a wealth of cultural knowledge. She may be reached at 406-657-1133.

Mardell Plain Feather

Ms. Plain Feather is best known across the state for her work on the Writing Tribal Histories Project with the Western Heritage Center in Billings, but she spent her career as a National Park Service employee. She gave thousands of talks about the Apsáalooke people while working at the Little Big Horn Battlefield, and is well versed in cultural presentations. She may be reached at 406-665-1168.

Patrick Hill

Mr. Hill is a gifted artist who works in several mediums, including the traditional techniques used in tanning hides and beading. He worked at the Little Big Horn Battlefield for a number of years as an interpreter and has great knowledge of the Indian/U.S. Army altercations throughout the area, and often gives tours of these sites. He is a generous speaker. He may be reached at 406-638-2333.

Birdie Real Bird

Ms. Real Bird works as a counselor in the Hardin Montana school system but has worked with various agencies presenting her beadwork. She is known for the Apsáalooke dolls she creates. She may be reached at 406-665-6350.

Henry Real Bird

Mr. Real Bird is an educator, cowboy poet, and rancher. He is a member of the Montana Humanities speaker circuit, and is wonderful with kids. Mr. Real Bird offers presentations on poetry writing. He may be reached at 406-638-3804.

Lanny Real Bird Eed.

Dr. Real Bird is a business teacher at Little Big Horn College, but he also teaches Plains Indian Sign Language. He is an avid believer in active learning techniques when teaching languages. Dr. Real Bird may be reached at 406-638-3100.

Raphel Real Bird

Ms. Real Bird is an elder with a long career in education. She is currently working at Little Big Horn College as the Apsáalooke studies teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge to share. She may be reached at 406-638-3100.

Faith Snell

Ms. Snell is an expert herbalist and daughter of Alma Snell. She learned from her mother who is also a wonderful speaker. Her wide-ranging knowledge of plants includes plant uses, both Apsáalooke and European, and the areas where they may be found. Faith may be reached at 406-666-9140.

Susan Stewart

Ms. Stewart is a talented artist, and is the Director at the Plenty Coups Museum in Pryor Montana. She has worked with thousands of students at the museum and in conection with her art work. Ms. Stewart may be reached at 406-252-1289.

Frances Takes the Enemy

Is the cultural studies teacher at Pretty Eagle Catholic School in St. Xavier Mt. Her degree is in elementary education. Ms. Takes The Enemy is known for teaching all of her students the Apsáalooke social dance called Push Dancing. She can be reached at 406-666-2215.

Hubert Two Leggins

Mr. Two Leggins directed the Apsáalooke Tribal Histories project. His knowledge of the tribe us exceptional especially the pre-historic era, as director he has given many cultural presentations. He can be reached at 406-638-3100 or 406-620-3027.

Carson Walks Over Ice

Mr. Walks Over Ice is a veteran of the Korean War and a historian of the hundreds of Apsáalooke veterans dating from the Indian Wars, through the current war in Iraq. He may be reached at 406-638-2665.

Bill Yellow Tail

Mr. Yellowtail works at University of Montana teaching in the Native American Studies Department and is an eminent scholar. After serving in the Montana State senate he worked under the Clinton administration as the Head of the Department of Natural Resources in Denver Colorado. Mr. Yellowtail is an inspirational speaker with many words of wisdom to offer, and a great knowledge of resources in Montana. In addition he is often employed in the summer giving tours in Apsáalooke country. He may be reached at 406-994-5233.