Fiction Collection

Materials in the General Reading/Fiction collection are labeled "FIC" and are organized alphabetically by author’s last name. The bulk of the collection consists of recent popular novels, which includes a large collection of books-on-tape.

The collection includes literature, poetry, and popular novels for adults. As the public library for the Crow Reservation, the Little Big Horn Library is the major source of popular reading materials for the Crow community, making this collection heavily used. The General Reading/Fiction collection is important to the Community/Public Services and Outreach aspect of the Library’s long-range plan, and as such will continue to be a major area of collection development and programming. As part of this effort to serve the community, the Library also provides a selective collection of large print materials.

Currency is a particularly relevant criterion when making selection decisions for the General Reading/Fiction collection. There is a rapid turnover of popular reading materials as well as a strong demand for new materials as they become available, making selections decisions in this area necessarily frequent. One way to keep abreast of new popular materials, are patron requests as well as current book reviews in the New York Time Book Review, the New York Review of Books, The Times Literary Supplement and Booklist.